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Many local authority services are often tasked with delivering advice on the benefits of physical activity. They are on the frontline and therefore their recommendations have the potential to be hugely beneficial for service users. For a service to be effective in this process, it is helpful for them to have first-hand experiences of the activities they help promote.

One such service is the Health Visiting Team, a team which provide support for under 5's and their families. The focus of their work is to promote the health of the whole community, by helping people stay healthy and avoid illness. They offer help and advice on a child's growth and development, common infections and skin problems in childhood, behavioural difficulties, breastfeeding and much more!

Recently, Active Calderdale organised for the Health Visiting Team to take part in an activity that the service is promoting to their clients, Buggy4Fitness. Started by Sharon Porter in 2013, the classes guide participants through safe and effective workouts that focus on core strength, cardiovascular fitness, toning, and enhancing overall wellbeing. Buggy 4 Fitness isn't just about exercise; however, it's also a chance for mums to connect with other mums who are going through a similar journey.

In 2013 I began Buggy4Fitness classes in Calderdale, enabling mums to enjoy the great outdoors by bringing their little ones with them. Over time this grew to offer more classes indoors and outdoors.

All classes are child friendly, so no need to book a sitter. Or, if you feel like having some solo time, you can come on your own!

Sharon Porter - Buggy4Fitness

Sharon delivered a circuit training session for the North Halifax Health Visitors, and School nurse team leader Corrine Prescott gave her reflections on the session.

We did a 1-hour circuit class in the gym at Play Palace in Halifax. It was good to get together as a team face to face to see each other, the activities were fun, and it was good to have the hour as a team-building exercise.

As a team and individuals, we need to look after ourselves so that we can care for others.

It was great to have an active session when we all know the benefits of exercise, and it was lovely to have it with Sharon so the team can speak about her from first-hand experience when promoting her groups to families.

Corrine Prescott - Health Visitor/ School Nurse Team Leader North Halifax

Corrine believes that it’s important from a public health perspective to be able to encourage families to be active, not only for the prevention of ill health, but so that the whole family can benefit physically and emotionally.

The health visitors are currently promoting the new activities that Active Calderdale are funding across North Halifax. They are encouraging all new families to take healthy choices including exercise.

Meanwhile, Buggy4Fitness has just received Active Calderdale investment for sessions in Mixenden. These sessions take place on Monday afternoon at 3 pm at Holy Nativity Church. The first 4 sessions are free then a small charge of £2 is introduced.

If you would like to attend one of these sessions or need further information, contact