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Carers Wellbeing Service Calderdale currently offer a wide range of services to unpaid carers in Calderdale with over 2,500 unpaid carers registered with them. These services include information and advice, access to carers needs assessments, support groups and social activities. 

One particular service offered is to provide opportunities and support for carers to be physically active. The demanding nature of caregiving can easily lead to physical and mental exhaustion. Regular exercise offers a vital reprieve, providing caregivers with the opportunity to rejuvenate both body and mind. Prioritising self-care through exercise not only benefits the caregiver but also enables them to provide better care to their loved ones, creating a positive cycle of health and support. Despite its importance, however, barriers exist that prevent carers from accessing these opportunities.

“One of the main barriers we have identified to carers accessing our service is not being able to leave the person they care for whilst they attend our services. Often the cared-for person will have needs requiring constant support meaning the carer cannot leave them."

Lydia Woodhall - Service Manager, Carers Wellbeing Service Calderdale

As a result, Carers Wellbeing Service Calderdale have conducted a survey on the barriers to being active and will use the responses to shape their current offer and ensure they provide the most in-demand and accessible service for their members. They have also handed out 50 ‘active at home’ packs to their members which have been greatly received.

Prize Draw Winner

The project was co-ordinated by student volunteer Abigayle Robson who worked very hard on putting together all of the personalised exercise at home packs.

"Initially, we would like to support these individuals and provide them with the opportunities to be active in and out of the house allowing them to fit in physical activity where it best suits them in a busy day. This will include access to a pick-and-mix menu of up to 3 items including yoga mats, hula hoops, resistance bands, dumbbells etc. The items will be picked by the carers allowing them the opportunity to pick items they are confident using alone or with the person they care for."

Lydia Woodhall - Service Manager, Carers Wellbeing Service Calderdale

When asked, one carer who received a pack stated they requested one so they could be active at home, keep fit and track heart rate when exercising. They were issued with a fit bit, weights and TheraBand’s.

“I find this equipment very useful and use it daily”, It's made a difference to my wellbeing which has been hugely beneficial. The pack has been very much appreciated so thank you.”

Full-time Carer

In total, 89 Carers responded to the survey. All were entered into a prize draw to win 1 of 5 prizes focussed on fitness and wellbeing.

If you would like to find out more about Carers Wellbeing Service Calderdale and the services they offer, visit the Making Space website.