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The Active Calderdale strategy seeks to create conditions in ten system areas that support local residents to feel like they can be, want to be, and have the opportunity to be physically active. To tackle inequalities in physical activity levels and health, Active Calderdale is focussing on priority communities and demographic groups:​ 

Active strategy priority groups:​ 

  • People from lower-income households​ 
  • Women & girls​ 
  • Minority ethnic groups​ 
  • People with a disability or long-term health condition ​ 
  • People who are elderly​ 

In order to make low-level funding more accessible to these priority groups and to the organisations involved, the micro-commissioning project was set up and embedded into the Staying Well initiative to help expedite the process.

Staying Well is an established and successful health and wellbeing initiative in Calderdale delivered by three community anchor organisations – Halifax Opportunities Trust, North Halifax Partnership and Hebden Bridge Community Association.

The initiative works across the whole borough to support a diverse range of individuals in the community who are isolated and lonely and who generally require additional encouragement and support to engage in social activities which aim to improve mental and physical well-being. ​ 

Enabling the Staying Well organisations to run the micro-commissioning funding programme means the funding finds its way to the right people at the right time. This funding is distributed to local groups and organisations through an application process, with decisions on applications decided on by community panels made up of local residents, and representatives from local organisations and services. The representatives on the panel offer insight into what the community needs.  ​ 

Main aims of the Micro-Commissioning Project
  • Provide new physical activity opportunities in priority communities for local residents to take part in​ 
  • Support voluntary and community groups and organisations that are reaching priority groups to make physical activity a part of what they offer​ 
  • Support community sport and physical activity providers to diversify their offer in line with the needs of priority groups​ 
  • Engage individuals from the Active strategy priority groups in physical activity​ 
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of local residents​ 
  • Add value to the outcomes of the Staying Well initiative​ 
  • Add value to the voluntary and community groups and organisations that are funded to deliver physical activity opportunities​ 

Through the Active Calderdale funding Staying Well have been able to support some great pieces of work in the community, including a variety of projects to allow the people of Calderdale to access exercise in a variety of different ways. From local areas of beauty gaining funding to encourage and support people to access it, volunteers setting up shadow boxing classes to a small group of interested people, new classes the community are asking for to groups that wanted to get back to activity they were doing pre-covid”

North Halifax Partnership

Initially, challenges presented themselves in the application process, however, the process now in place ensures the hubs have control of the applications and the link to the community and priority group. The applications are now approved via Sport England and then by the Staying Well panel to ensure swift progression. 

Staying Well funded projects

Funds were provided in late 2021 to each of the hubs in order to fund community-based projects. Approximately half of the funding has already been spent and Staying Well will continue to fund community projects for the foreseeable future. Below are a number of projects that have already received funding and are delivering programs in the community.

North Halifax Partnership
  • Hove Edge Bowling group – Bowling for wellbeing - for older people and people with a disability or long-term condition  
  • Running Aunties Community group - for Women and girls and People with a disability or long term condition  
  • Active Rainbow – Physical activity sessions – for older people and people with a disability or long-term condition  
Halifax Opportunities Trust
  • Healthy Living Partnership - the purpose of Healthy Living Partnership (HLP) is to work within the community improving and promoting health and wellbeing.
  • Beech Hill Football Group - With a focus on the BAME community, the group organise football every Sunday at Beech Hill 3G pitch to help eradicate health and fitness issues and to also encourage inactive members of their community to move more.
  • Excersise4Health - Gentle exercise class aimed at older adults and those with health conditions. 
Hebden Bridge Community Association

Click the images below for an insight on some of the projects already funded through the micro-commissioning project.