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Accessible, Inclusive Provision

Creating environments that promote physical activity and help reduce inequalities is critical to achieving the mission of making physical activity an embedded part of everyday life. Therefore, physical activity providers have a vital role, not only in delivering physical activity programs but also in making these activities accessible to all.

Feedback from across our target groups consistently highlighted that people felt much of the physical activity provision across Calderdale was not fully accessible or inclusive. In response to this feedback, Active Calderdale hopes to provide leisure providers with the tools they need to support more people through their doors.

Supporting Physical Activity Providers

The Supporting Physical Activity Providers booklet has been designed with this aim in mind. This booklet aims to support all physical activity and sports providers to ensure their provision is accessible and inclusive for all.

We've included different examples of how other physical activity providers across Calderdale, have improved their offer to make it more accessible and inclusive. You too can use this booklet as a checklist for your provision, by ticking off your achievements as you work your way through the 12 recommended actions. The booklet can be downloaded from the link below.

We know that when we create provision that is accessible and inclusive, we create provision for everyone.

Are you a physical activity provider in Calderdale who would like support in creating accessible and attractive provision? Email us at