Wellbeing and Physical Activity – The Perfect Match for VAC

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The team at Voluntary and Community (VAC) have landed on the perfect match, thanks to a wonderful new staff initiative they have recently road-tested.

The ‘Weekly Wellbeing Hour’ is the brainchild of CEO Julie Robinson, and as a result, colleagues have been utilising this hour to look after their general wellbeing, which for some has naturally led to an increase in physical activity.  

“Last year, we introduced various initiatives which have resulted in the team becoming more physically active in the workplace.  We were keen to take this a step further by providing the opportunity for a dedicated hour a week, taken at colleague discretion, with wellbeing at the core.  As a result, some of the team have been utilising this time to increase their physical activity, which naturally has a positive impact on wellbeing.  Therefore yes, it is a perfect match”.

Julie Robinson - CEO, Voluntary & Community

Gareth Ewing, Involvement Co-Ordinator at VAC, has been one of many who have benefitted from the offering.

  “I love road running and it tends to be ‘my thing’ to support overall wellbeing.  I run after work and at the weekends.  Thanks to this wonderful initiative, I can now block an hour within the working week, normally a Friday, and take to the roads.  I return, refreshed and ready for the working day ahead.”

Gareth Ewing - Involvement Co-Ordinator, Voluntary & Community

Pat Akerman is another employee who has embraced the initiative.   Pat initially used her wellbeing hour to undertake a regular mindfulness course and now the course has ended, takes time out for a walk or to connect with friends. 

“There are many ways you can incorporate the hour into your week, whether that’s through attending activity sessions, finishing an hour early one day for some ‘me time’ or taking time out during the day to do anything that helps you to de-stress.  It really is a great benefit that helps me stay focussed at work and I’m grateful to our CEO and the VAC Board for supporting this.”   

Pat Akerman - Employee, Voluntary & Community

VAC are currently updating their Health and Wellbeing at Work policy and the Weekly Wellbeing Hour is a very welcome addition to this.

The final word lies with Laura Dooher, Partnership Manager within the Active Calderdale Programme. 

“We loved hearing about VAC’s ‘getting active in the workplace’ last year and this is another wonderful initiative.  We are great believers that positive wellbeing and physical activity are intrinsically linked, and VAC are certainly leading from the front. Hopefully, other groups and organisations will follow.”

Laura Dooher - Partnership Manager, Active Calderdale