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Meet & Move – Walking Meetings

Thursday 8th July 2021

When we meet, can we move? That’s the question that we are asking every organisation in Calderdale this summer. We’re asking this because we believe that when we move, we’re stronger – and walking meetings are a great way to get started for many.

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Let’s make meetings more active!

Thursday 22nd April 2021

Breaking up long periods of sitting still is hugely beneficial for our physical and mental health. If your meetings don’t require note taking or document sharing, why not walk and talk? If your meetings are over an hour long, why not build in 10 minutes to move around and blow off the mid-meeting slump?

Are you looking for a way to get away from the desk and move more in the working day? Our Active Meeting Agenda Template could be for you.

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November Update

Tuesday 3rd December 2019

November was a huge month for Active Calderdale, as we submitted our request for our first round of LDP funding, which will be instrumental in the rollout of system change for the borough. A significant amount of effort has been put into the application, and subsequent visits from Sport England. That’s not all that we got up to of course, our work continues to bring the systems of Calderdale together to create the most active borough in the North.

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Successful September: Health & Social Care, Voluntary & Workplaces

Tuesday 1st October 2019

The rain of September 2019 did its best to keep us indoors (especially for our parkrun day), but there has been some truly impressive work from across the Active Calderdale network that we’d like to update you on:

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Action packed August - Workplaces, Voluntary and Community Organisations

Friday 6th September 2019

August was a busy month for working together with Calderdale workplaces, and voluntary & community organisations. This article highlights the great work we’ve been doing to help embed physical activity in those areas.

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  2. Creating active workplaces

The 'Take Ten' Pilot

Friday 9th August 2019

With 74% of adults in employment, spending an average of third of their waking hours in the workplace, it’s important that we embed physical activity into as many workplaces as we can across the borough. That’s why one of our groups for the Design Council process was focused on workplaces. At the end of the Design Council process, the workplaces design thinkers group decided to pilot their “Take Ten” initiative to get everyone moving more throughout the working week.

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