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When we meet, can we move?

More and more of us are starting to meet up with others again safely. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a positive change when we all meet again.

When we move, we’re stronger, that’s why we are challenging every person, group or organisation responsible for people meeting to include a form of movement as part of it.

Find out more about how moving has made the people of Calderdale stronger:

When we move, we're stronger video transcript

What is meet and move?

A meeting could be large or small, in person or virtual, inside or outside, for business or for pleasure, so long as it’s two or more people getting together, then it counts.

It could be a work meeting, an event, a webinar, a healthcare visit, a brew and a chat, a day care service or dropping the kids off at the school gates, there are endless opportunities to turn everyday meetings into everyday moving.

And what to we mean by moving? We mean walking, jogging, playing, cycling, dancing, stretching, kicking, jumping, pushing, pulling, reaching, marching, lifting, rolling, and anything at all that gets our bodies moving and our heart rate pumping more than usual!

So, you put those two together and what do you get? Walking meetings, jogging school drop offs, squats and seated curls during online events, walking to get your paper with your healthcare visitor or cycling with your family on the tow path.

Watch our videos below, and read our case studies of people in Calderdale who are already meeting and moving:

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How do I get started?

If you want to find your own ways to Meet & Move, but need some help, then we are here to offer advice, and connect you up with funding. Email to start your Meet & Move journey with us.

#MeetAndMove - Share your Meet & Move stories with us, to inspire others!

If you’ve been inspired by the stories above, and have the ability to build movement into your meetings right away then we’d love to hear from you!

Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, or send us an email to tell us about how you’re meeting and moving so that we can share your story to help inspire others!