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A South Asian Ladies walking group crossing a bridge in People's park. The bridge has the words "this is active" on it.
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When we move, we’re stronger

Most people know that keeping active is good for our health – but did you know just how much good it can do?

Being more active can reduce your risk of diseases like cancer and diabetes, and it can keep you more mobile for longer as you grow older.

It can also help you to feel better mentally, tackling conditions like depression and anxiety.

Being active can bring people together, build stronger communities and it can help the environment too!

Don’t just take our word for it, here is what people in Calderdale think:

What is physical activity?

Being active is about more than hitting the gym or running marathons. It’s about building small changes to move more throughout your life. It could be:

  • Replacing a short car journey with a walk or a bike ride
  • Gardening, at home or at a community allotment
  • Playing games with your children or grandchildren
  • Walking, around your neighbourhood or in the countryside
  • Going for a swim or a gym session at your local leisure centre
  • Joining a local sports club, running group, walking group, a dance class or similar
  • Doing some exercises around the house
  • A walking meeting with a friend, family member or colleague

Or anything that gets your body moving for 10 minutes or more!

How much physical activity should I be doing?

As a general rule, the more physical activity you can do, the better and any amount of physical activity is better than none. The Chief Medical Officer’s physical activity guidelines for all ages can give you more information.

Ways to get active that you can use at home

Activity Finders

If you’re looking for a class or a session in your local area, these activity finders may have the information you need:

Walking and riding a bike

Walking and riding a bike are fun and accessible ways to build activity into your life, whilst reducing your impact on the environment.

Leisure Centres

Calderdale has a range of leisure facilities packed with a variety of sessions – everybody is welcome!

Mobile Apps

Download these free apps to help build active into your life:

Ways to get active at home

Local organisations who can help you to get active

  • For guidance on being active, and information on what is available in your area, please contact our Better Living Service.
  • Staying Well can work with any adult in Calderdale from 18 years and over to access social activities and health and wellbeing related services in the community.
  • CREW Heart Support is a voluntary organisation based in Calderdale which provides Cardiac Rehabilitation exercise classes for people with heart problems or conditions.

Request a paper version of our Induction Pack

Can you help us to build physical activity into the lives of those who need it most?

If you know of anyone who could benefit from this information in booklet form, printed versions can be requested from: