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Our vision is to be the most active borough in the north by 2024

Be Active. Stay Strong. Protect Our NHS.

Getting your heart rate up for more than 30 minutes per week can have huge impacts on your physical & mental health, your individual development, your community & the environment too.

Keeping active during Lockdown

During the lockdown, we think it's important to celebrate the things that you CAN do - and being active is the perfect example!

There are plenty of ways to stay active within the guidance, read our FREE ideas and resources to help everyone to keep active.

We're compiling support and advice for our sports clubs and physical activity providers.

We're spreading some positive messages from across the borough on our Twitter Page.

We're making Active Travel easier in Calderdale

Are you a keen walker in Calderdale? We need your help! Find out more about our workshop & sign up here.

Find out how we're making it easier to ride a bike in Calderdale

Find out how we're making it easier to walk in Calderdale

What could an active Calderdale look like?

Our infographic shows what an active population could look like for Calderdale.

PDFBenefits of an active population [425KB] This information is also available in an accessible format

Latest news and updates

Welcome to The Paddock community garden in Ovenden

Thursday 6th May 2021

by Lynne Caldwell and Joan Tillotson

The Paddock is a newly built community garden sitting in the midst of three council estates in Ovenden (Rugby, Athol and Grove). It serves a large and diverse community, old and young with some ethnic minority groups too. The area has long been locked by the local housing authority but seemed such a space not to be used.


We've been working with partners across Calderdale to showcase the great work that's already going on to tackle inactivity, explore our playlist and take a look for yourself.

Do you think you could help further? We're on the lookout for physical activity providers, community organisations and other system leaders to partner with us. Email: activecalderdale@calderdale.gov.uk.