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Active Calderdale have made a booklet available for anyone who needs a little extra help getting active at home.

As we all continue to stay at home as much as possible to help protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our NHS, it can be harder to build active into our normal everyday routines. That's why this guide has been developed to support the residents of Calderdale to stay physically active and healthy at home.

The booklet has been produced to help older people, and people with lower mobility levels, to get active, however, it has some great tips in there that could benefit anyone of any age or ability.

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The health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity are hard to ignore. Everyone benefits from staying active, regardless of age, gender or ability. Here are just some of the ways in which we can benefit as a result of moving regularly:

  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced risk of a heart attack, stroke, diabetes and some cancers
  • Reduced risk of falls and fractures
  • Improved mental wellbeing
  • Prevent other health conditions from worsening

The Active at Home booklet explores the different ways in which we can build activity in to our everyday lives, and the big benefits that small changes can bring. It contains some carefully considered exercise plans to help you to build up your activity levels, including some guided chair-based workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own living room.

For those who need some additional support, there's some extra guidance to help you to improve your physical and mental wellbeing, including:

  • Simple tips to make your home safer
  • How to stay safe if you're unsteady on your feet
  • What to do if you feel unwell or you fall
  • Useful phone numbers to access further support from our trusted partners

Where can I access the Active at Home booklet?

Download the Active at Home booklet here. We also encourage you to share with anyone else who you feel may benefit from this guide.

There's plenty more where that came from! Visit our 'Keeping active during COVID-19' page for more fun and practical ideas on how you can stay active at home.

Be Active. Stay Strong. Protect the NHS.

This Active at Home booklet was created by Move More Sheffield and shared with Active Calderdale: working together to create a culture of physical activity in Calderdale.