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Active Calderdale recently spoke with Cindy from Cindy's Stompers & Silver Stompers, to learn more about the dance sessions Cindy runs on a weekly basis. Cindy was more than happy to share her aims and motivations and highlight below what prospective Stompers can expect from her classes.

Who is Cindy?

I'm Lucinda Atkinson, aka Cindy, and I teach line dancing to a wide variety of people. My aim is to make dancing fun and without judgement, as I believe dancing is for everyone.

Who are the stompers?

The Stompers are the people who come along to join in with my dance classes. Many of my dancers are retired and want an easy activity to be involved with. Some have lost partners and are looking to rebuild their confidence and connect with new people.

For new members coming to class whether retired or not, the first big step is getting in touch and coming through the door of the dance studio.

In many cases new people are alone to begin with, but the ice is usually broken within a few minutes and other class members are very supportive. There is always a firm foundation of camaraderie in my lessons and people leave with a sense of community at the end.

What can people expect from your classes?

Generally, people who come to my lessons are prepared to move their bodies.

One of my mottos is “We never go wrong in line dancing - it’s all variations”. Using a light-hearted approach method I find is the best way to get people motivated and enjoy themselves. In turn, my customers don’t always realise how much exercise/dancing they have done in one hour of tuition. I believe this to be one of the best ways to support people.

A lot of the time I teach routines to popular music which is easily available and often on the radio or other streaming platforms. People enjoy this because they can practice dances at home.

Where can we see the Stompers dance?

I organise for my dancers to dance outside at local galas, fairs and many charity events.

I also hold dance socials in different locations. I find this keeps the community spirit of my groups for those who want it, and it gives them something to aim for throughout each year.

Class Feedback

Cindy's classes are fabulous. Cindy makes every session fun and has the patience of a saint! I have met some amazing people through attending Cindy's classes and now have a whole new group of friends with whom I can socialise, laugh and exercise.

We attend many events where we are able to demo the dances we have learned. We dance to some traditional country music, but Cindy also likes to include more modern music and dances from around the world.

I would recommend all of Cindy's classes to anyone who is looking to share their love of dancing with like-minded, fabulous people. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or more advanced, Cindy makes everyone feel welcome and we all just enjoy the classes and have lots of fun.

Helen Kay - Class Member and Facebook Group Contributor

For further information on Cindy's classes visit the Cindy's Stompers and Silvers Stompers Facebook page.

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