From Community Garden to Cleaning up Ovenden – The Paddock’s Meet & Move story

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When we meet, can we move? That’s the question that we are asking every organisation in Calderdale this summer. We’re asking this because we believe that when we move, we’re stronger – the Paddock Community Garden in Ovenden showcase this perfectly.

The Paddock is a newly built community garden sitting in the midst of three council estates in Ovenden (Rugby, Athol and Grove). It serves a large and diverse community, old and young with some ethnic minority groups too – it’s a place created to meet and to move.

Residents from the local area regularly meet for a chat and a brew, to do some gardening, and to grab some of the free produce. Now, Paddock organisers Joan and Lynne have added litter picking into the mix, with friends of the paddock gathering monthly to tidy up the surrounding streets. This is a great way to get moving, get social and make a difference to the neighbourhood.

We started this recognising that the area is so lovely, just let down by the amount of litter in places. It’s also good for the community to see the effort and to give them a sense of pride about where they live, they are getting more and more involved and are shocked at the amount that gets collected each time. It’s great for the local kids to be a part of something positive and promote caring for their environment, instilling good behaviours as much as we can. We get really good feedback! It’s also a great chance for people to make new friends and connections.

Lynne Caldwell, The Paddock

You can find out more about The Paddock, and watch our video on our blog: Welcome to The Paddock community garden in Ovenden.

Find your own way to Meet and Move

If you’re interested in making movement a part of your meetings, then there are lots of options open to you. You could change meetings that you already have at home or at work, or set up a litter pick of your own. Visit our Meet and Move campaign page to find more inspiration.