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"I never thought I would be playing football at 81!"

Ken Amber

Getting active is the name of the game for a collection of walking footballers at the Mark Duffy Football School, and they are loving it!

The Football School, who deliver coaching sessions to over 300 children from throughout Calderdale on a weekly basis, created the Walking Football sessions circa 2 years ago, providing a platform for over 50’s to get their boots on and give it a try. 

It has been a wonderful experience for all involved.  We wanted to provide the opportunity for the older generation, 50 and over, to come along, get more active and have fun.  The sessions have grown in numbers since we started, with over 20 footballers now regularly attending on a weekly basis but it is not just the physical activity element that is a winner, the social side is magnificent also”, commented the owner of the school.

Mark Duffy

Let us hear from a small collection of the footballers who are getting active every week.

After being asked to play walking football around 8 years ago and originally dismissing the idea as ridiculous, I decided to try it… and I have played regularly ever since! It's amazing to be able to still play a form of football at the age of 67. It's a great pleasure and a great way of exercising.

Mel Stride, 67

I never thought I would play football at 81. I like the camaraderie, fun, and the skills of all the players plus we play proper football under the walking football rules. I absolutely love it.

Ken Amber, 81

I started playing just over 2 years ago and didn't know what to expect having not kicked a football in anger in nearly 40 years. It's brilliant, a great set up with a great bunch of guys and gals, would recommend it strongly, give it a go, you won't regret it.

Bob Woffenden, 70

I love playing walking football it gives me stamina and strength to my heart and muscles. I’ve played for over 2 years and think it’s great fun.

Myra Whelan

If you are interested in either getting the boots back on or perhaps starting your football career, then get in touch with the Mark Duffy Football School via