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Dads R Us is a group run by volunteers in North Halifax, and it is there to support men who have a connection to a child within the area. The group has mainly been funded through Sure Start North Halifax; however, in 2010 the group made significant progress by moving away from Sure Start and starting to become a single charitable group run without the aid of others around it.

The group has a regular meeting that moves around different venues within North Halifax, and this is held on the 1st Saturday of every month. The meeting consists of dads and their children getting together to try out various activities. This year, activities have included Snow Tubing, Harry Potter Crafting, visiting an Animal Club experience, a Pantomime, and having a Sports Day with the equipment funding via Active Calderdale.

The dads also have an allotment which is free to all dads that regularly attend the dads’ breakfasts and meetings.

This summer, Dads R Us wanted to run a Sports Day, providing the opportunity for the dads and their children to come together to try out a variety of races. Active Calderdale provided funding which allowed the group to purchase hula hoops, bean bags, hurdles, footballs, a fitness speed training set and bibs. The Sports Day was run during the July meet-up at Innovations Children’s Centre in Illingworth. Lots of fun was had by all who got involved, including some healthy competition!

In November, Community Project Manager Sofie caught up with Allan Lawson, a member of the Committee, and it was great to hear that the equipment is still being used during meetings to encourage physical activity within the group.

Thanks to Active Calderdale for funding allowing us to purchase our own sports equipment instead of borrowing it. With this, we have been able to implement more active activities into our monthly meet-ups which has benefited dads and their children to be more active together.

Allan Lawson - Dads R Us

I work away from home a lot and the Dads R Us club has helped me grow closer to my two boys by spending extra quality time with them. It’s a great club that’s run by Dads who volunteer their time and do an excellent job!

Group Member - Dads R Us

The group will continue to use the equipment at subsequent meets to encourage families to exercise together. They are also looking for male carers and dads to join the group and bring valued skills. For further information, please join the Facebook Page 'Dads R US', email or call Allan Lawson - 07561330887.