Walking Meetings with Calderdale Council’s Social Services Team – a Meet & Move Story

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When we meet, can we move? Being active brings people together, which can be really beneficial for our mental health. We spoke with Rachel, Nadine and Sadie from Calderdale Council’s Social Services Team about their experience of Meet & Move – walking meetings at lunch time during the COVID-19 restrictions.

COVID-19 restrictions have resulted in many of us working from home for large periods, and whilst technology has allowed us to stay connected, many miss the social element of a workplace. That’s why service co-ordinator Rachel set up walking groups for her team, so that colleagues could come together outdoors (within guidance and following social distancing rules), to talk about work, and catch up about life in general – all with the added benefit of being physically active!

The team meet every three weeks and have two groups so that people don’t have to travel too far, and can enjoy the local scenery whilst they walk.

Three people on a walking meeting

Here’s what members of the team had to say about their experiences of walking meetings:

“Meeting once every three weeks with colleagues who are local to myself has been a positive addition to my working life and gives me something to look forward to. I find it beneficial in many ways, including seeing my colleagues face-to-face and being able to remove myself from my workspace, which has been in my home for the past 16 months. Walking is also one of my passions and being able to do this with friendly faces I miss seeing daily in the office is a bonus. I feel as though the walking groups have helped improve my mental health and it is good to know I am not alone!”

– Nadine

“I have found meeting up with my colleagues for a walk to be so beneficial. I enjoy catching up with them in person and getting some exercise. I always return to work feeling more motivated and refreshed. It has really boosted my mood and my productivity at work. I feel so much after I have seen my colleagues and had a lovely scenic walk. I really notice the impact on my mental health and wellbeing.”

- Sadie

Find your own way to Meet & Move

If you’re interested in making movement a part of your meetings, then there are lots of options open to you. You could change meetings that you already have at home or at work, or set up a group of your own. Visit our Meet and Move campaign page to find more inspiration.

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