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Inspire. Motivate. Transform (IMT) is a feel-good lifestyle brand focused primarily on older adults, promoting the improvement of physical and mental wellbeing through dance, movement and connection with the mind. Through ageless activities and workshops, their purpose is to inspire, guide and motivate people to thrive in life, find freedom, and age with a boldness that has been locked inside.

The company has been teaching exercise, movement and dance to older adults in Upper Valley since September 2021 and currently runs weekly classes with a variety of seated, standing and mixed movement activities, working alongside local charities. They have also run various taster sessions and workshops with the Basement Recovery Project, Todmorden Learning Centre, Calder Community Cares, Healthy Minds, Doddnaze Community Centre, Dementia Friendly Todmorden and social services. IMT FOREVER CIC was set up in October 2022 to develop a purposeful partnership with the community.

In October 2023, IMT became the first project in the priority area of Cornholme & Portsmouth to receive investment through Active Calderdale’s new community-led approach to establish and deliver a ‘Community Keep-Fit’ class for over-50s. The class has gone from strength to strength over the past 6 months with 20+ participants joining in and benefitting each week with the movement tailored to their individual needs. Rebecca, who leads the classes, is a much-trusted local resident and Active Champion who brings uniqueness and joy to the group and ensures people keep on returning week after week.

From the outset, IMT has collaborated with Vale Baptist Church, Age Concern Todmorden, Staying Well, the local women’s group the Lionesses of the Valley, Calder Community Cares, and their network of social prescribing link workers. Rebecca has also engaged with residents and community assets such as the friendly local pub to share her offer with as many people as possible in the villages.

Some testimonials from Community Keep Fit:

"I look forward so much to my keep fit session on a Monday with Rebecca. I have quite a few friends who attend the same group, so I feel totally at ease.  I'm sure my stamina is increasing.  And the complex moves are helping my brain too."

"I've been coming to Rebecca's class for 3 months and feel sure my balance is slowly improving."

"I love the music we workout to. Rebecca is so positive and smiles throughout the whole class, which makes me feel happy too."

"Each week we keep adding new moves to our routine, this makes my brain work as well as my body, I think it's exactly what I need."

"My partner has just undergone major surgery and a lot of my time and energy is spent looking after him. I look forward to keep fit as it's about looking after me."

"I usually stand at the back of the class, but this week I was on the front row, it was ok, it's not about looking good and getting the moves perfect, it's about moving and having fun."

The investment for the project has now ended and it’s wonderful to see the class has become a well-established part of Cornholme’s physical activity agenda, continuing as a regular weekly class for the growing group. With scope for even more people to get involved, it’s looking good for the community to keep fitter, healthier and happier for many months to come.

If you would like to find out more about Community Keep Fit or Inspire. Motivate. Transform, visit Welcome - Inspire. Motivate. Transform (