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The Basement Recovery Project provide a packed weekly timetable of activities for those recovering from addiction. One of these activities is the RIOT Runners club and on Sunday the 2nd of July, 6 members of the club took off to tackle the famous Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge. 

This challenge was not only to provide a team bonding experience for those in recovery but also doubled up as a training opportunity for members who are undertaking the Great North Run in September. 

Kelly's Adventure

One of the members, Kelly, who attended the activity sessions and now leads the couch to 5k group, shared her experience of the day. 

"I was up at 4.30am and met everyone outside the Basement building at 6am, before I met everyone, I nipped to the shop to get plenty of supplies. 

We started off at Ingleborough at 7.45 am.  We thought we’d start off with the toughest peak and then tackle the rest. 

The rest of the group were lovely, I enjoyed chatting with friends, even with the gale-force winds! We should have all brought wooley hats and gloves." 

Kelly - The Basement Recovery Project

The group then went on to Penyghent but despite being warmer it was no less perilous. Two of the members took tumbles and although there were no serious injuries, Kelly's first aid skills were called into action. At the foot of Whernside, three of the team decided not to go any further but a great team spirit spurred the others on to finish the final peak.  

"Four of us went on to do the third and final peak Whernside, that’s when the grey clouds came and followed shortly after by torrential rain.  The beautiful blue rocks on the way down were lethal but I guided a teammate down and we completed the full three peaks in under 11 hours. There were fish and chips waiting for us when we got back to the van which was great. 

I would definitely do this again although next time, I plan to take adult reins for the clumsy ones and mountain rescues number just in case! 

There was lots of teamwork throughout the day, and we were definitely all tired by the end. 

What an interesting, challenging, and fun day!!! "

Kelly - The Basement Recovery Project

Active Calderdale's Partnership Manager Laura Dooher is a great advocate of the Basement Project's approach to physical activity and the recovery process. Laura was delighted to see Active Calderdale funding being used to provide members with increased opportunities to be active and looks forward to continuing to build on the good work already taking place.

"Funding from Active Calderdale has been used to increase the weekly offer of physical activities as well as provide funds to support events such as The Three Peaks Challenge, Tough Mudder and the recent trip to the Isle of Arran among others. 

The Basement Project's holistic approach means they have always seen the value of integrating physical activity into their service. Active Calderdale is proud to have been able to support them in this endeavour and will continue to work with them to ensure physical activity remains a sustainable part of their recovery offer."

Laura Dooher - Active Calderdale Partnership Manager

Do you have an active story you would like to share with us? E-mail us at and share your active journey. For more information and inspiration on how you can get active, visit our 'Getting Active' page.


We previously spoke with The Basement Project about how they value physical activity, and the impact it's had on those who access their service. Check out our Recognise, Value Change and Embed video below for details: