The Kramblers in Calderdale: When we move, we’re stronger

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When I moved to the UK in 2001 I felt like I lost everything. I joined this group, now I feel like I’m back to a child again, and I'm so happy 

Kramblers Member

When we come on a walk we're not on our phones, not on our social media - the whole world's problems are left behind

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the kramblers walking along the canal

Through our partnership in Todmorden Book Festival in 2020, we were introduced to the Kramblers in Calderdale, a group of walkers of mixed abilities from a range of backgrounds. The Kramblers are a national organisation, originally founded to encourage more people from a range of ethnicities to take part in walking and physical activity by challenging perceptions on cultural norms and preventable diseases, as well as improving access to healthy lifestyle opportunities – a great example of how when we move, we’re stronger.

a member of the Kramblers

Active Calderdale supported the creation of the wonderful video event “Walking a Watershed Landscape” for the 2020 Todmorden Book festival, across 17 minutes you’ll be introduced to the Kramblers, and enjoy some poetry from the Kashmir region read by Rochdale-based poet and writer Ali Adalat.

We have created a shorter version of the video, focussing on the Kramblers, who they are, and what movement means to them, which you can watch below:

To find out more about the Kramblers, visit their Facebook page.