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When we meet, can we move? That’s the question that we are asking every organisation in Calderdale this summer. We’re asking this because we believe that when we move, we’re stronger – and walking meetings are a great way to get started for many.

walking group at HOT in halifax

How many meetings do you attend in a typical week? It could be office meetings, zoom meetings, phone calls, or even meetings with friends and family outside of work. Often, these meetings involve sitting down, either in a conference room or in front of a computer screen, for a long time, barely moving at all. Now, think about the meetings that you have, how many of those actually require you to be sat down? Some of them may require you to watch a presentation, but some could just as easily be done whilst walking.

walking meeting in shibden park

There are many benefits to walking meetings, being more active could help you to feel more alert and more focussed during the meeting, getting out into the fresh air and connecting with nature is beneficial to our mental health, and we’re building some physical activity into the day, without taking time out of our normal routine.

We spoke to employees from Calderdale Council, as well as employees at our partners Halifax Opportunities Trust who have embraced walking meetings since the COVID-19 pandemic. For Heidi, walking meetings have been a great way to stay in touch with her colleagues, as well as enjoying the scenery in Shibden Park. For Ilyas, even getting out for a walk around the office building and car park has been a welcome addition to the working day, as well as creating some healthy competition between staff!

Find your own way to Meet and Move

If you’re interested in making movement a part of your meetings, then there are lots of options open to you. Visit our Meet and Move campaign page to find more inspiration.