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The 'Mixy Marchers' are a ladies walking group, formed in Mixenden, North Halifax. What started out as one woman's desire to manage her mental health, has become a popular walking group for ladies and children in the area. Bringing all of the physical and mental health benefits of exercise to the group, and bringing them together as a community too.

Mandy, a mum in Mixenden, chose to use getting active and socialising to help her manage her mental health. She started walking to get some headspace and other ladies starting to join her; Working with Active Calderdale and the Yorkshire Sport Foundation, they established a walking group for mums - the Mixy Marchers. Soon kids were coming along too, and so 'Mini Marchers' launched too!

It didn't stop at walking either, once the group became large enough, Active Calderdale and the Yorkshire Sport foundation were able to link them with an England Netball community coach and set them up as a regular training session - with Ash Green School offering them a free venue to use. It's a great example of how partnership working across the system can result in people having the opportunity to move more. Watch our video on how the group came to be below:

The Mixy Marchers have helped women of all ages have the confidence and opportunity to be more active. They walk, form the basis of the netball teams (which also includes teachers, cleaning staff, ex-pupils, a parent governor), and they arrange community clean-ups to improve their local area. Follow their progress on Facebook here.

Are you feeling inspired to set up a marchers group in your area? Active Calderdale can support you! contact to begin our partnership.