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Challenge Complete!

Team north take the spoils in a close finish

Week 8 Update - The 8-week battle saw a closer finish than expected, however, Team North have just edged home in dramatic fashion! Commiserations to Team South who battled hard throughout.

Weekly totals of 5,736,255 steps/2,868 miles from Team North and 4,795,838 steps/2,397 miles from Team South mean that Team North overturned their deficit from week 7 to surge into a winning lead!

Total Distance Travelled:

  • Team North: 18,074 miles
  • Team South: 17,707 miles

The challenge has provided 8 weeks of encouraging and supporting people to move more. A big thanks to everyone who has been part of the challenge, whether promoting, taking part or providing opportunities for people to be active, these challenges can’t happen without you!

A New Challenge for a new year!

Following the success of the Rastrick Around the World Challenge, we are delighted to announce that we have an exciting new challenge planned for the new year! Once again we will be asking the residents of Rastrick to move their way around the globe in the Rastrick Pole-to-Pole Challenge!

How it works

The Pole-to-Pole Challenge is shaping up to be our most ambitious challenge yet and will involve two teams competing against each other in a race to be crowned Pole-to-Pole champions!

Beginning on the 3rd of January 2023, one team will set off (virtually) from the North pole and aim to reach the South pole, while the other will set off from the South, heading North.

Each week, the distance travelled will be updated, with a visual provided to see who is on course to reach the opposite pole first. It’s envisaged it could take anywhere between 6-12 weeks for both teams to reach their poles and complete the challenge.

Find your own way to move!

All movement counts towards your steps and contributes to the Pole-to-Pole challenge total, so use this opportunity to find something new to try or maybe re-start that activity you used to love. Whether you're joining the challenge solo or joining with friends and family, every step you take will lead you somewhere new.

To help get you started, we've created a quick list for you to explore: CLICK HERE

Guided Walks at Cromwell Bottom

Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group will be hosting two guided walks around the reserve to help contribute towards the Pole-to-Pole Challenge. These will take place on the following dates:

  • Thursday 26th January at 1:30pm
  • Thursday 16th of February at 10:30am (half term)

The guided routes will be fully accessible and will start from the cabin. Refreshments will also be available.

For directions on how to find Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve, please follow the link.

Tips on moving at home

There are plenty of ways to add movement in to your day-to-day life, many of which you can do in the comfort of your home.

Whether you’re a beginner, or you struggle to dedicate time to physical activity, have hesitations to exercise outdoors or simply want some easy ways to move more with the family, we’ve got a list of resources for you:

Gentle - Moderate

How can I get involved?

There is no need to register for the pole-to-pole challenge, simply follow the steps below to get involved and keep updated on progress.

  • Track how much movement you are doing each week either through the number of steps using a pedometer or phone app or how much time you’ve been active. Text your activity levels to  07508 620994 each Monday or you can visit the Space @ Field Lane to submit them. Once you have submitted your first round of steps, you will be assigned to either Team North or Team South.
  • Follow Active Calderdale on social media, see the Active Calderdale website or visit the Space @ Field Lane to check up on your team's progress each Tuesday!
  • The theme of the challenge is to try something new. Ask the Space @ Field lane or see our quick guide to try a new way of being active in and around Rastrick