Reflecting on the last six months of Active Calderdale: March 2021 Progress Report

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Twice a year Dr. Alexandra Potts, our Evaluation Lead at Active Calderdale, reports back to Sport England on the learnings, progress, and challenges we have experienced with the Process Evaluation Report. It is a point of reflection and an opportunity to help shape the next six months and the direction that we take. Read more about the contents of the report, and download the key findings, executive summary and full report below.

We have continued to work in a virtual world over the last six months to navigate two further national lockdowns alongside localised restrictions. While challenging, the core team have adapted their working ways to ensure we can continue to influence the system and embed physical activity.

Our learning over the last six months has helped more people in Calderdale to understand the environment they live in and the influences around them, and how they might be altered to make physical activity a key part of what they do. We understand it takes significant time, space, and capacity for a person, organisation, or institution to embed physical activity. So, we have created a dedicated Design Thinking Course to help partners through this process.

We understand that trust needs to be continually built between Active Calderdale, Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council, and partners to help progress the speed of change. In some ways, COVID has helped to change perspectives and challenge existing policies. This has provided a unique opportunity to accelerate some of our work.

The next six months offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to activate and mobilise partners to embed physical activity post-COVID. Capitalising on this unique moment can significantly increase our presence across the system and embed Active Calderdale as an integral part of the Borough of Calderdale and the subsequential vision. Within the local community, this represents a major opportunity for ensuring the post-COVID period delivers over and above just recovering from the pandemic.

Through taking an inclusive, whole-systems approach, we continue to work towards addressing inequalities and influencing physical activity behaviour change across the system.

Want to know more about what we have learnt over the last six months? Check out our recent Process Evaluation Report and summary documents here: