Reflecting on the last six months of Active Calderdale: October 2021

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Twice a year Dr Alexandra Potts, our Evaluation Lead from Leeds Beckett University, reports back to Sport England on the learnings, progress, and challenges we have experienced over the previous six months in our bi-annual Process Evaluation Report. It offers a point of reflection and an opportunity to help shape the next six months and the direction we take.

Moving away from traditional reports, this Process Evaluation submission covers three things we want to celebrate, share, explore with others, and what we are doing next. Specifically, we want to;

  • Celebrate the work we have done with the Family Support Services, Active Schools and School Streets, and the Community Engagement Coordinators.
  • Share the Influence Matrix Approach, Programme Governance, and the "Your Views Matter" survey.
  • Explore Governance and Networks, finding the balance, and working with Faith Associations with others.

Finally, we want to focus on Continuous Improvement, Communications and Evolving Community Engagement over the next six months.

The next six months offer the opportunity to build on the last three years of Active Calderdale to continue activating and mobilising partners across Calderdale. Through continuing to take an inclusive, whole-systems approach, we continue to work towards addressing inequalities and influencing physical activity behaviour change across the system.

Have you got any questions about the Process Evaluation Report? Get in touch with Dr Alexandra Potts at

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