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Recently we wrote about the collaborative work happening in Shroggs Park which hopes to deliver improvements designed to make the area more welcoming, attractive and accessible. The signs are that the hard work is certainly paying off and on Saturday 28th October, 90 residents of all ages descended on the park for some spooky Halloween fun.

The ‘Spooky Shroggs Halloween Trail’ was organised by North Halifax Partnership and The Friends of Shroggs Park Group with support from East Pennine Orienteering Club. The trail saw families identifying areas of the park from photos whilst following a Halloween-themed story throughout in order to collect missing ingredients for a witch's potion. These ingredients were then exchanged for a tasty Halloween treat at St Georges Church Hall where they also enjoyed pie and peas and a tasty hot chocolate made by Lisa from St Georges Trust

Great fun was had by all, and it was fantastic to see so many families out being active and exploring the park at the same time.  

The highlight for the children was getting to meet the Shroggs Park witch who was waiting to greet them by the decorated monument. Each child then received a potion ingredient in exchange for a three-letter word which they had found clues to on the trail.  

My children loved the treasure trail and having to identify the locations in the park from the photos. It was something different from the usual Halloween type of walk. We use the park regularly as a family and I can’t remember ever seeing it so busy which was great to see. The food and hot chocolate in the Hall after were lovely.

Local Resident

Overall, it was a successful and enjoyable community event filled with spooky fun. The organisers were amazed at the response and are looking forward to seeing the residents again in the future.  

Did you know that there’s also three virtual orienteering courses within Shroggs Park? Some of which take in parts of the scenic Woodland Walk. This provides a great way to get out for a walk with your family and all you need to do is download the FREE map run 6 app to access the courses. 

Further information on the courses and link to download the Map Run 6 app can be found online at https://www.eastpennineoc.org.uk/findyourway