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All Roads Lead to London for the Sure Start Team!

Active Calderdale truly believe that when we move, we feel stronger and one of our key aims is to help support organisations embed physical activity into their working day.

One such organisation is the Lower Valley Sure Start Family Support Team, who have recently completed an active staff challenge which saw them walk the same distance from Calderdale to London and back. The idea came from the Lower Valley Active Partnership meeting, held by Community Engagement Coordinator Anthony Whittaker, in which organisations were encouraged to lead the way in being active. The aim was that the challenge would not only improve staff wellbeing but also encourage the families they support to be active too.

Active Calderdale supported the team with active T-shirts, pedometers, foot pedals and a celebration event to close the challenge; staff stated these additions increased motivation and inspired them to be active.

As a result of the challenge, staff found themselves walking to their visits with families more often and taking part in more walking meetings with the families they support, as opposed to having them indoors. Another positive outcome was that staff felt they were having more conversations with the families about being active and moving more, with more signposting to opportunities in the community.

A post-challenge survey found that the majority of staff were more active during the challenge than they were before and feedback on how the challenge impacted the team included feeling more positive, more connected with the team and improved relationships. When asked how being active as part of the challenge made them feel, staff reported improved self-esteem, more get up and go, feeling happier and healthier, better-quality sleep and a general improvement in physical and mental wellbeing.

If your organisation or team are looking for ways to be more active or would like to feel the benefits of embedding physical activity into your working day, please feel free to contact Active Calderdale at