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In December 2020, Active Calderdale launched the Take Ten Step Out Challenge. Why? Our answer is simple: it's now more important than ever to get active for our physical and mental health, but the dark winter months and COVID restrictions have made it challenging for many people across the borough.

What is the Step Out Challenge?

The Step Out Challenge was a campaign that celebrated something you can do throughout the pandemic – go for a walk outside! The challenge we set for people taking part was to step out of the house every day for at least 10 minutes.

Each day there were extra optional challenges to try while walking, all linked to the 'Five Ways to Wellbeing':

  • Connect - Talk and listen, be there, feel connected.
  • Be active - Do what you can and enjoy what you do.
  • Take notice - Remember the simple things that give you joy.
  • Keep learning - Embrace new experiences, see opportunities and surprise yourself.
  • Give - Your time, your words, your presence.
Step Out Challenge Calendar with a different challenge each day of December. This was tweeted out each day with the post explaining what the challenge is. Accessible version of the calendar available further in the blog.

Although we launched the challenge for December, our Step Out calendar can be used any month of the year. Download our challenge calendar to get started! (An accessible version of the challenge calendar is also available).

Making a daily difference

Many individuals and organisations joined in with the challenge on our social media and inspired others to do the same by sharing their experiences. In addition to increases in activity levels, several people expressed many other benefits that they felt the challenge brought them.

In January 2021, we published a poll survey on Twitter, and the results showed that 100% of people who completed our poll told us that the Step Out Challenge had improved both their wellbeing and daily productivity.

Here are just some of our favourite tweets from the challenge…

What's next?

Well done to everyone who took part in December's Step Out Challenge. It's great to see so many of you continuing to 'Take Ten' in 2021.

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