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Step Challenges, 1 to 1 walking meetings…it’s all happening at VSI Alliance

It’s not quite been all sweatbands, treadmills and lycra in the workplace at VSI Alliance…but the team are certainly embracing the concept of moving more.

Influenced by the Active Calderdale driven ‘When We Move, We’re Stronger’ campaign, behavioural change has been at the heart of increasing physical activity in the workplace.  As a result, it is going down a storm with many colleagues, with a variety of activities being designed and embedded into everyday working life.

Gareth Ewing from the Voluntary and Community arm of VSI, is the Active Calderdale programme lead for the sector.  Driven by Gareth's enthusiasm, the VSI are on a mission to support groups and organisations to become more active, both in the workplace and with their service users.

We, at the VSI, are on a mission to support groups and organisations to become more active.  Both in the workplace and with their service users. We want to lead from the front on this and what better way to do so by introducing little changes to our working day habits.   These started with the introduction of ‘walking 1 to 1’s.  Rather than sitting in a stuffy office, some colleagues have their catch-up whilst walking and getting some fresh air.  Before you know it, an additional 3,000 steps have been achieved.  Plus, feedback suggests it is a much more informal manner to have the meeting.”

Gareth Ewing - Voluntary & Community - VSI Alliance

Whilst it started with walking 1 to 1’s, progress has been quick. For those who are free, the team now meet weekly for a lunchtime walk. Whether it be a saunter down to the Piece Hall or taking in the beautiful delights of the People’s Park, 30 minutes of walking and chatting soon goes fast.

Add to the above the frequent stretching classes and a newly introduced ‘weekly steps challenge’, the team are certainly getting stronger with their activity.

“This is a marvellous initiative on so many levels.  We are moving more, whilst engaging socially with each other.  We really wanted to lead from the front on this and our plan is to engage with as many groups as possible, with a view to supporting them move more in the workplace, as well as design new initiatives that will encourage their service users to do the same”.

Julie Robinson - CEO of Voluntary & Community

If you would like to get ‘moving more’ in the workplace, please contact Gareth Ewing at gareth.ewing@cvac.org.uk.