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What is the Your Views Matter Local Survey?

The Your Views Matter Local Survey is the first in what will be an annual survey of the habits and perceptions around physical activity in Calderdale, as well as insight on physical and mental health, and how the local area impacts on physical activity levels.

We are aiming to gather enough responses from the survey to offer a statistically significant sample of the borough, that we can break down into ward level - getting us even closer to understanding the attitudes and inequalities that exist in Calderdale, so that we can better target our work at those who need it most. This insight will be invaluable in our mission to tackle inactivity by working with communities to make physical activity an embedded part of day to day life in Calderdale.

Access the Survey

The Active Calderdale ‘Your Views Matter’ Local Survey is available online now. It is aimed at all adults (16+) living in the Calderdale Borough, no matter what their level of activity is, and will be live for one month from 7th May 2021 to 7th June 2021.

Access the survey online, or you can request a paper copy at your local Calderdale library. The privacy notice is available below:

The Process to Create the Survey

The questions for this survey were selected using the Sport England Active Lives Survey as a baseline. The mental well-being question comes from the office of national statistics. We have added our own questions into the survey aligned with Active Calderdale's system area outcomes to get a more detailed insight about how our residents are supported, motivated and feel they have the opportunity to be physically active.

Once the appropriate questions were designed, the survey was then translated from English into Polish, Urdu, Bengali, and Czech to ensure we have a greater representation and insight from everyone in our Borough. Having translated versions of the survey available from the outset is a new approach, that we hope will make a big difference to the accessibility of our survey. As well as addressing the language barrier, we have also done work to address the digital divide, whilst reducing our environmental impact as much as possible. Rather than distributing hundreds of paper versions of the survey, they will be available on request from our local libraries for those who don’t have access to digital devices or the internet.

Next Steps for the Survey

The next steps are to promote the survey far and wide with the help of our partner organisations across Calderdale. At the end of the month, the results will be collated and written up into a report, which will have a huge impact on our ability to target our work and resource where the need is greatest in the borough.

Another blog will be published following the completion of the analysis from this survey.