A room full of people gathered for a community event at the local church.


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Mixenden CLA Workshop

Monday 14th August 2023

Last month, Active Calderdale Community Project Manager Sofie Armitage, delivered her first workshop in Mixenden as part of the community led approach in Calderdale. There was a fantastic turnout with 63 attendees in total including 20 local residents and 37 different organisations.
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The launch of the new Community Led Approach

Wednesday 2nd August 2023

Active Calderdale has recently developed a new Community Led Approach which is currently being rolled out and introduced across Calderdale.

The Community Led Approach (CLA) has been developed to create conditions where local people and organisations are the key focus in influencing, shaping and making decisions on projects that can create opportunities for their community to move more.

We have identified 3 key objectives as part of this new approach, which are:

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