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My Cycling Dream Becomes A Reality

Friday 26th November 2021

by Ifeoma Isife

I have a son, now 7 years old. I am the main carer and I take him out to ride his bike alongside other activities. I always walk behind while he is on his bike and most times, he would say ‘C’mon mummy walk fast’ or ‘you can’t catch me’ sort of phrase to make me close the gap between us or walk faster. Cycling with my son is the main motivation, his current phrase now is ‘I’m faster than you’ whenever he cycles past me.

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The Kramblers in Calderdale: When we move, we’re stronger

Thursday 8th July 2021

When I moved to the UK in 2001 I felt like I lost everything. I joined this group, now I feel like I’m back to a child again, and I'm so happy 

Kramblers Member

When we come on a walk we're not on our phones, not on our social media - the whole world's problems are left behind

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Mums on the run: A Meet & Move story

Wednesday 7th July 2021

“It makes you feel good in yourself, it’s time to think, time to get away, time to just switch off for a little bit and chat about something that isn’t work, children or families.”  

Ella King, Active Champion

When we meet, can we move? Local resident and Active Champion Ella King spotted an opportunity to meet & move that fitted into her new daily routine.

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52 Trips for 52 years – Angela’s Meet and Move Story

Monday 28th June 2021

Counting the days until my early December birthday and it was 65, I was going to be 52. Could I do the trip 52 times before I got to that age? Wouldn’t leave me many free days but I decided it was worth trying.


As part of our Meet and Move campaign, we’re delighted to bring you Angela’s physical activity story. Angela is a member of the CAFM team at Calderdale council, and is also one of our Active Champions.

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From Community Garden to Cleaning up Ovenden – The Paddock’s Meet & Move story

Wednesday 16th June 2021

When we meet, can we move? That’s the question that we are asking every organisation in Calderdale this summer. We’re asking this because we believe that when we move, we’re stronger – the Paddock Community Garden in Ovenden showcase this perfectly.

The Paddock is a newly built community garden sitting in the midst of three council estates in Ovenden (Rugby, Athol and Grove). It serves a large and diverse community, old and young with some ethnic minority groups too – it’s a place created to meet and to move.

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The Mixy Marchers Story

Tuesday 25th May 2021

The 'Mixy Marchers' are a ladies walking group, formed in Mixenden, North Halifax. What started out as one woman's desire to manage her mental health, has become a popular walking group for ladies and children in the area. Bringing all of the physical and mental health benefits of exercise to the group, and bringing them together as a community too.

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