Seven members of staff from St Winifred's Nursing Home, stood outside wearing 'This is Active' t-shirts.


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Partner Stories - St Winifred's

Thursday 11th May 2023

Two of our key working principles here at Active Calderdale are that projects should be co-designed and collaborative whenever possible. It is, therefore, an important step in our feedback loop to hear our partner's first-hand accounts of active in action.

As part of this process, Active Calderdale recently spoke to John Lee, Registered Manager at St Winifred’s Care and Nursing Home about the barriers staff & residents have previously faced in getting more active.

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Isle of Arran - A Recovery Adventure

Monday 24th April 2023

The Basement Project delivers specialist drug and alcohol interventions across Calderdale and is an award-winning independent organisation with centres in Todmorden and central Halifax. The project believes in a holistic outlook and is a key advocate for the use of exercise in the recovery process. The funding from Active Calderdale has been used to provide members with the opportunity to be active when the time is right and in an environment in which they feel safe.  
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Making Space For The VCSE Charter

Tuesday 4th April 2023

Active Calderdale believes every organisation can play their part in supporting and encouraging those who visit their organisation to move more.  Working in partnership with local organisation Voluntary & Community (VAC), Active Calderdale asked the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Sector to pledge their support in helping Calderdale to move more. 
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Active Conversations in Health & Social Care

Monday 6th February 2023

We know that health and social care professionals come into contact with large proportions of the population and frequently interact with people with long term conditions such as diabetes, cancer, or risk factors for cardiovascular disease such as hypertension. Besides the extensive population reach of health and social care professionals, they are widely respected and trusted, meaning they have considerable potential to influence public and individual opinion and behaviour.  

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Walking Meetings with Calderdale Council’s Social Services Team – a Meet & Move Story

Friday 2nd July 2021

When we meet, can we move? Being active brings people together, which can be really beneficial for our mental health. We spoke with Rachel, Nadine and Sadie from Calderdale Council’s Social Services Team about their experience of Meet & Move – walking meetings at lunch time during the COVID-19 restrictions.

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The Power of Active Conversations

Wednesday 23rd June 2021

Conversations can be powerful, particularly when they come from people we know and trust. When they’re done in the right way, conversations have the power to transform how we think, feel, and behave. However, even with the best of intentions, they can also leave us feeling flat, defensive, even defiant when done in the wrong way.

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