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#FamAndFriendsFeb Challenge

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How many of your friends and family can you help to be active this February?

During this Lockdown let’s celebrate one thing that we can do – help our family and friends to stay active!

We all want to find new ways to support our family and friends during this lockdown. Keeping active is a brilliant way for everyone to stay physically and mentally healthy, remain connected with each other, and have some fun! That's why we're launching the #FamAndFriendsFeb challenge to everyone in Calderdale!

Getting involved in the #FamAndFriendsFeb challenge

The challenge is simple - how many of your family and friends can you encourage to be more active in February? We'd love for you to join in with us on Twitter and Instragram by using #FamAndFriendsFeb in your posts, or on Facebook by tagging @ActiveCalderdale.

Being active doesn't have to be running 5k or doing 100 press ups, it could be getting out for a short walk, doing some regular stretches, playing games in the house, or even a spot of gardening - it can be a little or a lot, all that matters is that everyone gets active in a way that suits them!

People are far more likely to be active if someone they know and trust helps them, so to get you started we've compiled a few ideas of ways you could encourage your family and friends to improve their physical and mental health:

  • Ask your friends and family what activities they like to do, and suggest your favourites to them
  • Start a family and friends group on Strava - there's a great guide on
  • Create a fun competition like a steps challenge, press up competition, or a virtual dance-off
  • Call a colleague and both head outside for a walk separately, not a meeting - simply a ‘how are you?’ 
  • Challenge a friend to walk 1 mile per day this week
  • Tell someone how physical activity benefits you
  • Call someone as you step outside for a walk and mention that you're walking
  • Send your family and friends the link to our activities page
  • Try something new with your household, why not search for a new game or workout to try?

Remember, you are permitted to exercise outdoors once per day in your local area, but it's vitally important to comply with the national COVID-19 restrictions. A guide for those restrictions can be found on the Calderdale Council website.

Supporting the #FamAndFriendsFeb challenge from your organisation

We would love for as many organisations and institutions in Calderdale as possible to help us to promote the challenge. Two things your organisation could do to support the challenge are:

  1. Encourage all of your staff and members to take part, and share their progress with us on social media using their personal accounts
  2. Share our challenge on your corporate social media account

We have created a handy partner pack with an explanation of the challenge, and some example social media posts that you can use on your corporate Twitter account. You can download the pack below.

Campaign resources

PDF file
#FamAndFriendsFeb Challenge Partner Pack Download