Three Calderdale residents riding bikes in Park Ward

Riding a Bike in Calderdale

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Why should I ride a bike in Calderdale?

You don’t have to be a regular cyclist to enjoy the benefits of riding a bike. They’re a great way to get around, have fun & see your local area in a new light. They’re low-impact and it’s easy to learn, making bike riding a great option for people of all ages and abilities.  

Replacing short car or bus journeys by jumping on your bike could help you to:

  • Improve your physical health – anything from just 30 minutes of activity per week can help you to get fitter and combat many long term conditions
  • Improve your mental health – studies show that increased physical activity can reduce feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Save time – Riding a bike means you won’t get stuck in traffic, and could replace time spent in the gym or similar
  • Save money – riding a bike is free! No more paying for petrol or parking
  • Save the environment – riding a bike more frequently will massively cut down on your emissions

Don’t just take it from us; we’ve spoken to some Calderdale residents who have seen it for themselves.

Getting started:

It’s easy to get on your bike in Calderdale, but everyone is at a different point in their journey, so here are some resources to get you started no matter what your level is:

Learning to ride

Choosing the right bike and equipment

Borrow a bike for free with the Active Calderdale Bike Library

  • The Active Calderdale Bike Library loan out bikes for free to any Calderdale resident. All of the bikes have been serviced by professionals and can be borrowed as often as you need. The library is currently closed - but we're working to open it up soon, and in new ways! Find out more about the Bike Library or watch the video we made to explain how it works in the meantime.

Buying a bike through a cycle to work scheme

  • If you’re looking for a way to spread the cost of buying a new bike and equipment, a cycle to work scheme might be the option for you. Cycle to work schemes allow you to buy a new bike and the equipment you need with no upfront cost, the cost will be taken before tax by your employer. Ask your workplace if they have a cycle to work scheme in place to find out more.

Cycling around Calderdale:

We’re making it easier to ride a bike around Calderdale. If you’re riding to commute, get the kids to school, or just for fun, then we’re working with organisations and institutions across the borough to make it safer and easier for you.