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A last chance to fight addiction

Before joining the project, Dean’s alcohol addiction was out of control and despite various attempts to get on top of the situation, including turning to his GP, he couldn’t kick the habit.

The Basement Project felt like his last chance to fight the addiction and although the recovery process is ongoing, Dean feels he now has the support he needs to stay sober.

Finding Peace of mind

As part of the programme, Dean takes part in various activities such as singing, gardening, 5-A-Side and walking. These give him a sense of purpose and peace of mind, as having something to focus on really helps the recovery process.

Dean believes when some people join the programme, they may be shy or not comfortable talking. Doing social and physical activities can not only help build confidence but also new friendships, another vital part of the recovery journey. 

"Joining the programme at the Basement Project is the best thing I've ever done, they were able to help me when others couldn’t and continue to do so."

Dean - The Basement Project