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Spiraling Out of Control

Although Elliott is very much at the start of his recovery process, he believes the physical activities he has taken part in at the project, have played a huge part in his ability to finally focus on getting his life back on track.

A keen footballer before he joined the programme, Elliott had been in long-term employment but was struggling with his mental health. After turning to substance abuse to deal with his issues, things started to spiral out of control quite rapidly.

Elliott was kicked out of the family home which led to him sleeping on the streets. With few places to turn, Elliott was lucky enough to be taken in by a family friend who tried to get him back on the straight and narrow. Despite this, it wasn’t until he reached out to the Basement Project that he began to see a way out of his current situation.

A helping hand from The Basement Project

As well as the emotional and physical support the Basement Project offered, they also provided housing and financial support which gave Elliot the incentive to get clean.

Elliott believes without the Basement project, he would still be in a dark place, but with the support and freedom he now has, he has now been drug-free for 7 weeks and counting.

"Without the Wednesday 5-A-Side, I would be stuck in my room at home, football has allowed me to get out, socialise and I feel alive”.

Elliott - The Basement Project

Having the chance to play football each week has brought a sense of normality back to Elliot's life. With the support of the Basement Project, he now feels he is able to face the challenges that lie ahead.