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Physical activity is vital to the physical, emotional and social development of every individual. All education establishments, from nurseries to universities, play a key role in shaping attitudes towards physical activity.  Which is why we will be supporting all educational settings to provide active learning environments and help our children and young people to develop a lifelong appreciation of physical activity and health.

The conditions we aim to create:

  1. Physical activity is embedded within policies, working practices and delivery of education settings
  2. Education settings are motivated, confident and able to integrate and embed physical activity for all as part of their delivery
  3. Education settings provide social encouragement and support to pupils and families to be physically active
  4. Education settings provide opportunities for all young people to be physically active

Our Approach in action

Working with us is never a one-way street, we want to become your partner and guide you through the process of making physical activity a part of what you do. See how our approach worked for Adult Social Care in Calderdale with our video and blog case studies:

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