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Crippled By Anxiety

Jack had been a heavy cannabis smoker for around 13 years. Following numerous episodes of psychosis and constant anxiety, he decided he had finally had enough of the lifestyle.

When he initially joined the Basement Project, Jack was still crippled by the anxiety caused by his cannabis addiction, he didn’t believe things could change.

After taking some time to settle into the programme, Jack has really begun to open up thanks to the people he has met.

"I've met some amazing people with their own amazing stories, people who have been in the same situation and got through it."

Jack - The Basement Project

Physical Activity the Key

This gave Jack the inspiration he needed to start his own journey towards recovery. A key component of the process for Jack has been the physical activities he has taken part in as part of the program, especially the 5-A-Side football and cycling.

Before smoking cannabis, Jack enjoyed playing football and having the opportunity to play again has helped calm his anxiety. As someone who finds meeting new people difficult, the combination of social and physical activity has also helped develop his social skills.

Jack has now been cannabis free for 8 months and looks forward to taking part in future events such as the 5-A-Side tournament.