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In need of some inspiration to start walking more? Or are you looking for some quick and easy ways that you can encourage others to get into walking? Whoever you're looking for and whatever your level of experience, we've put together a hub of information to help you walk, stroll, amble, mooch and connect in Calderdale.

Try our #StepOutChallenge

Following the success of our very own Take 10 #StepOutChallenge in 2020 and 2021, the challenge has grown in popularity for individuals and groups, and even being used to encourage walking throughout many organisations in Calderdale.

Stepping out of your front door even for a short walk can really boost our physical and mental health – so that’s why we are challenging you to step out for 10 minutes every day for a month, any month.

To keep it fresh, we’ve created a chart with a different suggestion each day for things you can do while you’re walking to give your wellbeing an extra boost!

The ready-made calendar is available to download and use right away. Download our challenge calendar here to get started! (An accessible version of the challenge calendar is also available).

Visit our campaigns page to find out more about the Step Out Challenge and other campaigns ran by Active Calderdale.

parkwalk: Strive for Five

You might have heard of Couch to 5K for those looking to get in to running, but have you heard of Strive for 5? parkrun have created a fun and friendly eight week guide to successfully completing a 5k walk.

Perfect for anyone looking to create new walking habits, the Strive for 5 guide is an adaptable plan that you can make work for you. parkrun have created this guide to support you, but they encourage you to go at your own pace and do as much or as little as you can or want - always celebrating your progress along the way.

Download and print out the above plan, so that you can tick off each week as you go.

The full accessible week-by-week guide can be found on the parkwalk: Strive for Five blog.

Living Streets: #Try20 Tips

Walking is free, flexible and fun, and proven to have a huge impact on your wellbeing. That's why Living Streets have put together 20 fantastic tips to help you fit 20 minutes of walking in to your day.

Whether you try some or all of the tips, #Try20 is designed for you to find something that you enjoy and that works well for you and your daily routine.

Visit the Living Streets website to find out more about all 20 tips. You can also download and print out the above #Try20 checklist to get you started.

Meet & Move

A meeting could be large or small, in person or virtual, inside or outside, for business or for pleasure, so long as it’s two or more people getting together, then it counts.

It could be a work meeting, an event, a webinar, a healthcare visit, a brew and a chat, a day care service or dropping the kids off at the school gates, there are endless opportunities to turn everyday meetings into everyday moving.

And what to we mean by moving? We mean walking, jogging, playing, cycling, dancing, stretching, kicking, jumping, pushing, pulling, reaching, marching, lifting, rolling, and anything at all that gets our bodies moving and our heart rate pumping more than usual!

So, you put those two together and what do you get? Walking meetings, jogging school drop offs, squats and seated curls during online events, walking to get your paper with your healthcare visitor or cycling with your family on the tow path.

Watch our videos below of people who are already meeting and moving in Calderdale: