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Our Theory of change

In order to tackle inactivity in Calderdale, we aim to surround the issue, to make it an embedded part of day to day life for everyone in the borough, so that wherever you turn, you are receiving encouragement and opportunity to be physically active. Our video has more information:

Video Transcript: When We Move, We're Stronger - The Active Calderdale Approach

Our mission and goals

Our mission is to work with communities to make physical activity an embedded part of day to day life in Calderdale.

Our goals are to reduce physical inactivity levels, and to address inequalities in Calderdale.

Our core values

Resilience – physical activity builds resilience, both individually and in our communities. Resilience is important for happy and healthy people and places.

Kindness – the opportunities to be active aren’t shared equally. Everyone must play their part in helping to create better conditions that support everyone, but importantly those who need it most, to be physically active. That’s kindness.

Our work principles

To make sure our work is having the biggest impact, everything we do adheres to the following principles:

  1. Targeted – prioritising areas and systems that have the greatest reach to people who are most likely to be inactive.
  2. Co-designed with the end audience.
  3. Collaboration – using and working through existing assets.
  4. Sustainable – re-designing services and systems so active is embedded into policies working practices and delivery.

Our Evaluation

We aim to make changes to many different parts of the system in Calderdale, see how we evaluate our progress.


For the latest news on our progress, visit our blog.