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Can you play your part to help everyone in Calderdale move more and be active?

Video Transcript: When We Move, We're Stronger - The Active Calderdale Approach

Our approach is to unite and mobilise the people who make Calderdale distinctive. The people who make up our voluntary and community, education and healthcare sectors, our sports clubs, our leisure facilities, our parks and open spaces, our built environment, and our infrastructure – people like you.

When we move, we're stronger. If we all pull together, it will result in moving and being active being an embedded part of day-to-day life for everyone in Calderdale.

Can you make supporting people to be physically active a part of what you do? Active Calderdale can help you.

Ready to jump right in?

Our quick start list has a range of ready-made ideas for you to take away and embed as part of what you do right now.

Become an Active Calderdale Partner

We’re working with organisations, institutions and individuals from all over Calderdale to tackle inequalities and create a happier and healthier environment for those who need it most – and we want to work with you too!

Find the information most relevant to you below, or contact us on to kick start our partnership.