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Stress and anxiety affect increasing numbers of people in our communities across Calderdale, and the consequential pressures on people's mental and physical health have been mounting up.

Tai Chi Tigers believe they have the perfect solution and aim to teach the people of Calderdale how to enhance their health and wellbeing with Tai Chi and Qigong. These ancient forms of exercise can be beneficial for balance, co-ordination, preventing cardiovascular disease, reducing pain, and enhancing cognitive function and resilience.

CalmX Training

With this in mind, Tai Chi Tigers have developed a training program - CalmX - that encourages simple, natural movements with T'ai Chi breathing and a focus on both-side body movements. CalmX classes are for everyone no matter of age, sex, or ability and are designed to support vulnerable people such as those with learning disabilities or people who have suffered physical or mental trauma. It’s also great for the less physically able and people undergoing rehabilitation.    

Currently, CalmX is being delivered to 10 different classes across Calderdale with over 90 regular students in attendance. There are now plans to introduce another 6 or 7 classes at various locations in early 2024.

Fitness Instructor Training

In addition, Tai Chi Tigers also train health & fitness instructors to teach the basic elements of the ancient principles of Tai Chi and Qigong and expand the reach of Tai Chi Tigers within the community.

So far, Tai Chi Tigers have trained and are supporting 12 CalmX Instructors to teach basic T'ai Chi and Qigong in Calderdale through funding provided by Active Calderdale. Many of those trained are instructors already delivering fitness classes within Calderdale and are now incorporating the T'ai Chi principles in their community classes. The CalmX training continues for the instructors with reviews and regular What's App communication to ensure the correct support is in place.

A group of fitness instructor who have completed the CalmX instructor training.
The CalmX instructors

Expansion and Sustainability

The recent training has led to proposals being submitted to deliver new sessions in 6 of Active Calderdale's priority areas including Mixenden, Ovenden, Sowerby Bridge, Cornholme, Park and Rastrick.

Speaking to Active Calderdale, CalmX instructor Marsha Clarke commented that Tai Chi Tigers were delighted that more people would be able to experience Tai Chi & Qigong and that their future focus would be on sustainability.

We are all excited about the prospect of enlightening the many people of Calderdale with the amazing benefits to be gained from our CalmX T'ai Chi and Qigong classes for beginners.

Our organisation is focused on future sustainability to deliver T'ai Chi and Qigong at all levels of ability, skill, understanding and knowledge.

Marsha Clarke - Tai Chi Tigers & Calm X Instructor

Student Feedback

The classes run every week throughout the year and people can drop in and out to support their needs. Over half of the regular students have been attending Tai Chi Tigers classes for many years and having felt countless benefits, they continue to practice at home, on holidays, whilst out and about, and demonstrate to family and friends how good this exercise feels.

I am 97. Every morning when I wake up, I do your Tapping routine. It gets me set for the day. It gives me purpose and energy, I feel alive, and I look forward to enjoying the rest of the day. Thank you so much

CalmX Student

I have COPD and sometimes need more oxygen. I practice my Tai Chi breathing daily and have found it so beneficial in my ability to do so much more in ordinary life – it’s amazing how much better I feel. The consultants are astounded at the improvements I’ve made in breathing.

CalmX Student

You made the exercises so interesting - mentally and physically invigorating and challenging!

CalmX Student

These specific exercises gave me the incentive to practice more every day. We studied the moves in detail and learned how each move benefits certain parts of the body energizing us and helping us get the most out of ourselves whilst also enhancing our wellbeing!

CalmX Student

My physio recommended Tai Chi after I had a couple of very bad falls. I have found my balance & overall wellbeing has really improved as I have regularly attended classes over the last 4 - 5 years. I did it online throughout lockdown and then outdoors on the moor.

CalmX Student

After last week’s class I had the best nights sleep ever – so deep and relaxing.

CalmX Student

If you are interested in attending a Tai Chi class near you or would like to become a CalmX instructor, visit Tai Chi Tigers for more information.