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Breaking up long periods of sitting still is hugely beneficial for our physical and mental health. If your meetings don’t require note taking or document sharing, why not walk and talk? If your meetings are over an hour long, why not build in 10 minutes to move around and blow off the mid-meeting slump?

Are you looking for a way to get away from the desk and move more in the working day? Our Active Meeting Agenda Template could be for you.

The past 12 months have seen the rise of virtual meetings – it has never been easier to book some face-to-face time with your colleagues (albeit virtually). There’s no denying that Zoom, Teams and similar have been a huge benefit to our working day, but, now that it’s easier to book in a meeting, we’re spending more and more sedentary time during the working day. It’s not just virtual meetings either, in-person meetings are just as likely to leave us sitting down for hours on end.

If you find that you spend a lot of your days sat in meetings, then our active meeting agenda template could change that. We’ve kept it as simple as possible, with a checklist of ideas to try that you can go through as you write your latest meeting agenda, as well as some ice breakers that can get the meeting started with an active focus.

Download our active meeting agenda template here:

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